Petrovis Resources has a focus on exploring for and developing more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources. We are also working hard to find high quality precious and base metal deposits in Mongolia.

Using our considerable local skill base of over 4500 staff, combined with international directors, specialists and advisors, Petrovis and Petrovis Resources seek to unlock the world-class energy and precious metal resources within our borders. We are investing in the future of Mongolia, seeking energy independence from our neighbors and continuing to create employment, wealth and prosperity for our people.

“Petrovis Resources have the assets, the people and the motivation to lead the way in developing a domestic natural gas industry and to become a significant player in supplying the Chinese natural gas markets.”

Jake Croft, Director

Petrovis is not only the largest fuel supplier in Mongolia, we are also one of the oldest, most trusted and well-known companies in the country. We are also one of the largest employers and have the most extensive infrastructure network in Mongolia. Our next achievement is to be the first vertically integrated fuel company.